This post is quick.  It’s 9:55 on a Friday night, I’m the only one left in working at NextSpace.   Life and Entrepreneurship are all about goals.  A clear, concrete goal is very scary, but nothing is quite so effective either.

Setting goals:  Too low and it’s uninspired, too high and it’s crazy. I want my goal to be somewhere in between for now.


Deadline:  First amazon affiliate site (curated in a niche) online by April 15th, 2012.  Expect to lose money.

Deadline:  First affiliate campaign (using my shiny new VPS and Prosper202) by April 11th, 2012.    Expect to lose more money.

Deadline:  Finish Ca$hvertising by April 3rd, 2012.   This book is all about copy writing and marketing psychology, will be invaluable


Don’t know what affiliate marketing is?  The graveyard of Aff marketers who never made profit is large indeed, so be warned.   But if you have skill and a stack of chips to risk, here’s a guide to get started:  http://www.nickycakes.com/newbie-guide/.

Bottom line:  NO GURU PRODUCTS, LEARN BY DOING.   As an info junkie it’s going to be hard for me to stay away.

So what are the milestones?  Turning a profit on the Amazon Aff Site, and Turning a Profit on Aff Marketing in general, and finishing the book is an easy one.   Flip the last page and it’s over.


Any questions about aff marketing or how I set up my Virtual Private Server and installed Prosper202?   Hit me up in the comments.

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