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The past week was a success.  Even though didn’t hit all my goals from last week, I’m still happy with what I did finish (check them out here).

Some quick updates:

1.  Going wine tasting tomorrow with my girlfriend in Sonoma, her late Valentine’s day gift.

2 & 3.  Attending two paleo events in San Jose:  Tuesday potluck (I’m bringing this salad) and Wednesday catered paleo dinner with guest speaker Dave Asprey (aka The Bulletproof Executive).

4.  Founded a Paleo Meetup group and I’m hosting a potluck on Earth Day.   Will be good to meet other paleo folks, I’m stoked for it.

Should be a good week!


Time for the bad stuff:  I only hit one of three goals.   Not bad, but not where I need to be.

FAIL #1:

The first goal, due tomorrow is to throw up an affiliate site.   I didn’t do it.   Instead, I attended a Webinar by the AdSenseFlippers on Keyword Research for a Niche Site.  Check out a description of the guide here.   If you missed the Webinar you’ll have to wait until they release the link.

FAIL #2:

Run an affiliate campaign.   I didn’t apply for a network yet and therefore I didn’t run any campaigns.   I’m scrapping my plans to run PPV (Popup) campaigns–my skills can better be used elsewhere.   I also am skittish about paid traffic because I want to conserve capital, not accidentally waste it.    PPV doesn’t appeal to me, and I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead.


Completed Positioning: The Battle for Your Mindthis excellent marketing lesson. The book is called “Positioning:  The Battle for Your Mind.”  It was recommended in CA$HVERTISING‘s index.

One sentence summary:

It’s best to be first, and if you can’t be first, create a new category for yourself.

You know Amelia Earhart because she was the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic.  Who was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic?  Charles Lindbergh.   Who was second?

Why this matters to you:

If you’re in college, looking for a job or just want to present yourself better: go read chapter 20 right now.

“What are you?   People suffer from the same disease as products.  They try to be all things to all people.


The problem with this approach is the mind of the prospect.

It’s difficult enough to link one concept with each product.  It’s almost impossible with two or three or more concepts.


The most difficult part of positioning is selecting that one specific concept to hang your hat on.  Yet youst must, if you want to cut through the prospect’s wall of indifference.


What are you?  What is your own position in life?


…Most people aren’t ruthless enough to set up a single concept for themselves.  They vacillate.  They expect others to do it for them.


I have a feeling this chapter alone will impact my life course.   So go read it.


What are your long term goals?

Here are mine:


1 Month:

-Improve the look, feel, and content of this blog.   Add a “resources page” and fill out links to everything I know and found useful from the internet (similar to this post) Maybe I’ll throw up some personal recommendations on here and to have a portfolio for work completed.   Not sure whether to put schoolwork up there or not; who cares about it?

-Make my first dollar online.   This will come from Adsense or from an Affiliate campaign on Clickbank.   Maybe from Amazon Affiliate links.   Amazon marketplace and ebay auctions don’t count.  This one will be cool even though it’s only a dollar.  Watch for it!


6 Months:

-Move to Asia.   Connect with and meet up with Entrepreneurs who are doing interesting things.   Have some fun and kick ass at work the whole time.   Launch a product and sell at least one unit.

-Complete 20 fighters’ pullups, 35 dips, and 5 handstand pushups in an unbroken set.   I can do around 10/20/0 currently!


1 Year:  


-Run a profitable venture that pays all my bills.  That might mean cutting costs until I can pay my bills with the meager flow of cash.  It’s also important to use the some of the money to give back.

-Publish 60 blog posts.

-Hold a 10 minute deep squat position, balance out my muscular imbalances in my left and right legs (internal rotation, external rotation, tight calves).


Any book recommendations or ways to get better at bodyweight exercises?   Comment!



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