Read A Book a Week and Updates on Deadlines

8:32 PM on Friday night, and another blog post before I head home.   Noticing a trend yet?  =)

Last Friday I set three deadlines, view them here.

Here’s the update:  I finished Ca$hvertising as promised on schedule.   I had it done by April 2nd in the afternoon.  One down!

First day of classes was Tuesday, April 3rd.   I checked out Ken Germann’s marketing class– it looks fun and informative, but I eventually settled on Bernie Elbaum’s class, Economic History of the US.  I love his teaching and I’m a history nerd;  I couldn’t resist.   My other classes are “Issues and Problems in American Society” (Soc 10) and “Economic Rhetoric” (Econ 197).   Both look easy, I might take the Sociology class Pass/No Pass, though.

The looming deadlines:

  • DUE ON APRIL 15th:  The affiliate site.   I’ve decided to hire someone to do it.   I’ve posted some jobs on and asked around through friends, we’ll see what happens.
  • DUE ON APRIL 12th:  Run an affiliate campaign.   I need to get approved by an Affiliate Network such as Neverblue or Ads4Dough.   It’s kind of a problem though because I need to do a phone interview, and I lost my phone!   I’ll have a new one by monday and it’ll be business hours again, though.   This shouldn’t be a problem.


Will I hit them?   I think I can.




  • NEVER DO SCHOOLWORK EXCEPT ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND SUNDAYS.  Why?  Because school is easy to overthink and overwork for.   I’m going to produce efficient papers and written assignments, and do only the most important readings.   This will be hard cause I’m a workaholic, but I need to focus on real work and concerns rather than academia now.   Besides, all my classes except for sections are scheduled onto those days.   Four day weekends baby!
  • READ ONE BOOK PER WEEK.   Next up?   Words That Sell by Richard Bayan, another book about Ad Copywriting.   This should help for Affiliate Marketing!


Do you have any pressing goals?   Let me know in the comments!

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