Time has been flying!  Maybe some of you have the tendency to get wrapped up in work and forget to relax.   I know I do.   When that happens, you gotta relax.   There’s an addictive quality to being productive, but you can’t fire on all cylinders all the time.   There needs to be downtime.   Relax a little bit.   Reflect on what you have, appreciate it.    I appreciate the beautiful surroundings of Santa Cruz, my family, and my close friends.   I appreciate the exciting life I have ahead of me.   What don’t I appreciate?   It helps to not think about that for a couple moments a day.   Stay positive.


Paul Graham reminds us what’s truly important.  Sometimes progress seems slow and the scarcity mentality kicks in.  But there will always be opportunities–relax and let them come.

On progress: Making one small step every day will produce shocking results when you stop and reflect.    It’s easy to get bogged down or discouraged.  Sometimes we keep our true thoughts inside: to be agreeable, to be pragmatic.  These seem like the smart path.   They lead nowhere


Here’s an interesting video about combatting procrastination by Tim Ferris.   The key is to set low expectations–if you aim to accomplish too much, you’ll be too intimidated to smart.   Just do it.     Anything worth doing is worth doing badly at first–experience is the best teacher.

Remember this:  Deciding what you won’t do is just as important as deciding what you will.


Did you take time to relax and appreciate what you have today?   Are you working on your best project right now, or are you busy thinking about what you could do?


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