“Start a blog, son”

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step

                                   -Lao Tzu, China

Fall down seven times, stand up eight

                                   -Japanese Proverb

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for man-kind

                                   -Neil Armstrong, United States

Start a Blog.”

                                   -Sean Ogle, travelling entrepreneur


Which of these is not like the others?

I really felt like I needed to spice up my cliche debut post with something you guys have never seen before.   And yes, the Neil Armstrong quote might be wishful thinking.  But today is important.  I’m starting this blog!

Why today?  Why start another blog among millions?   Many have implored me to start a blog.  Personal friends sometimes, but mostly people who give advice online.

Here’s a quick timeline:

  • 2009:  What’s the best way to become a better writer?  Start a blog.   Thanks, Nate Green.   (I had an email and phone convo with him the summer of 2009 which led to me flirting with, and then promptly quitting my first blog.  False start, five yards!)
  •  2011:  How can I build a kick-ass personal brand and prove my credibility to people who’ve never heard of me online?   Start a blog.  Thanks, Charlie Hoehn.
  • 2012: How can I change my life?  How can I meet up with people who have the potential to change it, or vice versa?   Start a blog.  Thanks, Sean Ogle.

Sean wasn’t the first to beg, but he finally got through.  Props to him.  But I should be ashamed because it took over two years for me to actually do what I’m supposed to.

Alright Sean, it’s done.  Thanks for the kick in the ass.   Like any great motivator, you helped bridge the gap between knowing  what to do actually prompting action.   Much respect for that.

What makes this blog unique?   I strive to take a different approach.  Sometimes it will seem weird, and sometimes I personally fall on my face.   But this blog isn’t about being weird and falling on my face–that’s just the way I am able to provide different content than thousands of other blogs.   Keyword here is different, but the bottom line is always effective.   I promise not to waste your time!

The John Neil Conkle Approach in the proto-stages still.  I have some preliminary goals, listed below.   Now it’s up to you guys to keep me honest and let me know what you’re interested in.   The canvas is blank and you can help me paint it!   Exciting stuff.

  • Get the theme rounded off and add some pictures.  Who cares about the John Neil Conkle Approach if they haven’t seen who I am and know a little about me?
  • Create short posts that will provide insane value in knowledge, useful tools, referrals to those much smarter than me.
  • Create tabs at the top with small pages focusing on entrepreneurship, travel, lifestyle hacks, and feeling good.   I might be a nerd about these things, but you don’t have to be.   I’ll put in the footwork and make the mistakes for you.
  • Get in touch with you, my readers, and see what you’re all about.

So it’s done.  The blog is up, son!   Now it’s your turn.

Have you started a blog?   Though about it?   Had an idea for one?   Let me know in the comments!


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