Who Cares About My Blog?

Frost from Freedom Twenty-Five thinks blogging makes you a better person, even if no one reads yours (yet).

Why should you blog if no one is going to read (yet)?   Frost writes:

  1. Writing forces you to organize your thoughts…
  2. Writing forces you to live consciously…
  3. Writing keeps you accountable to yourself…
  4. You can get rich, bitch…
  5. You might do some good in the world.

Bottom line: blogging is a great way to find your voice.

Welcome aboard my “voice train.”  Maybe you can help out by commenting and giving me feedback.

Points #1 and #2 hit home for me.   It’s easy to forget that no one understands your point of view until you explain it.  And explaining is hard.   Don’t get carried away and assume your assumptions match other people’s.

Example:  I’m making entrepreneurial and social decisions that seem “radical” and “risky” to people who don’t share my set of assumptions.   I want to start a business instead of enduring the school grind and working for someone else;  I want to exercise dietary discipline and sanity instead of gorging and then hitting the treadmill 30 mintues a day, I’d rather read a book by an interesting author than listen to an old professor whose worldview seems outdated.

Why make these decisions?   That’s the million dollar question.   People ask,  ”Why make it more difficult on yourself?  You’ll get by just fine going with the flow.”

  • Getting by doesn’t sound appealing (See Point #2 and #3).  Smoking weed, watching TV and/or Sports 4 hours a day, complaining about my job to anyone who will listen is getting by.   Rationalizations and excuses are getting by.   Fear is getting by.   Putting it off until later is getting by.   Going with the herd is getting by.  Plodding along with the herd is comfortable, but why endure life if you can create one that doesn’t suck?   Is it possible to wake up excited instead of pressing snooze again?

So that’s my perspective.  But not everyone shares mine, and that’s because they haven’t had the same experiences.   Maybe I am looking down my nose at the person who asks why.   Maybe I’m being a prick.   I regret it, but life goes on.

I’m sifting through people that aren’t buying what I’m selling, and getting to the people who love it.  Maybe lots of people will read my posts and bounce immediately:

 This kid has his head up his ass.  Entrepreneurialism, feeling great,  reading, writing, and thinking… that’s for no-lifer nerds.

Am I sad to see them go?  The saying goes:   You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Yes, I want to help people with through my writing.  And not in a paternalistic “I know better than you do” way, I’d rather give someone tools and see what they can create.   Plus, that’s more fun.   But I won’t waste time trying to force change before you’re ready.

Still with me?  Back to why I’m blogging:

  • To organize my thoughts and to live life consciously (Point #1, #2).
  • I don’t usually have a problem with accountability, discipline has always been easy (Point #3).   For help on that, look elsewhere.
  • Getting rich isn’t the main goal. Money without happiness is empty, but I won’t turn away dollars when the time comes (Point #4).
  • To do good.   The world doesn’t need me to save it.  Given the opportunity it can save itself.   I’m going to focus on helping people so they can in turn help others.  Is that too idealistic (Point #5)?

Now it’s your turn.   Which of Frost’s points would make your life better?

Do you want to start a blog?  Email me and I can point you towards some resources.


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